Works from Lee Brobst

1. Estate Taxes And The Social Security Trust

Volume II, Number 5

2. Part II Inheritance Taxes As An Income Tax

Volume II, Number 4

3. Voting, Resolutions, Declarations

Volume II, Number 3

4. W-4 A Will In Trust

Volume II, Number 2

5. Converting The Statute Of Charitable Use To Today’s Federal And State Statutes

Volume II, Number 1

6. History Of Charitable Trusts Statute Of Charitable Uses

Volume I, Number 12

7. Implied Trusts

Volume I, Number 11

8. Express Trusts

Volume I, Number 10

9. The Public Trust Of 1933

Volume I, Number 9

10. Quasi Contracts

Volume I, Number 8

11. Expatriation

Volume I, Number 7

12. Association, Common Law, Admiralty-Maritime, And Article I Courts

Volume I, Number 6

13. Law Of The Sea Becomes The Law Of The Land

Volume I, Number 5

14. Unmasking The Internal Revenue Service As Private Agents For The Interstate Commerce Act In Joint Stock Association, On A Joint Venture For Profit

Volume I, Number 4

15. The Problems Of Dual Citizenship

Volume I, Number 3

16. Who Destroyed Our Constitutional Republic For A Democracy?